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Regular Lessons

Individual or Group Lessons
for 6-18 year-olds

Instruments & Subjects

6-18 years-old

You can either book lessons for a specific instrument or get lessons for general music introduction.



This is how you can book your music lessons

More options available:

1st Session For Free

1st Session For Free

Get to know us without commitments:

Your first trial lesson is always for free.

Book online in 2 minutes

Find your perfect appointment in our online calendar:

Didn't find a free appointment online?
  1. Contact us here on our website and let us know which instrument you would like to try and when you are available.

  2. We will get in touch with you and give you an appointment (many times an appointment is possible the same week).

  3. You visit us for your first trial lesson and ask all the questions you want while your child can try the lesson.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have a trial lesson first?

Yes. Everybody who is interested in music lessons can visit us for a free 30min trial lesson. Just contact us here.

Where exactly are the lessons?

All our lessons are at the Anglican Church in Carrer Núñez de Balboa 6, Palma (Son Armadams). When you enter the church premises from the front you will find stairs at the right side that lead downstairs to our music room.

Can I get more information on the lesson plans and prices?

We put together all the information for you here.

How do I pay?

Payment is done though your booking here on our website. You can pay with your regular debit or credit card. At the 1st of every month the money will then be transferred automatically until the contract is cancelled.

Does my child need an instrument for the lessons?

For the trial lesson you don't need your own instrument. If you take regular music lessons with us we recommend that you also have an instrument at home. We offer low-cost rental instruments for beginners. More infos about renting an instrument here.

Are the lessons all year?

Our lessons calendar pretty much follows the regular school calendar. For example on holidays and in summer and winter break there are no lessons. The full calendar you can see here.

When can we start?

You can start whenever you want! It doesn't matter if it's during a month or at the beginning of it. Regularly the payments and enrolment months are always at the beginning of each month, but if you want to start earlier we will just calculate what you would pay and send you an invoice.


So your excited son or daughter can start as soon as possible!

You have more questions?
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