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Learning together


Schedule 2023/24

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Normal Groups

These groups consist of 4-8 students. Topics are taught in a broad and explorative way.

Arts Group

Music Group

Language Group

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Focus Groups

These groups are smaller and consist of only 3-5 students. Topics are taught in a focussed and more linear way.

Arts Group

Music Group

Language Group


This is how you can book your Group

*The group "Painting & Drawing FUN" costs 58€/month, because it's longer (90min/week)

Check out all payment options and bookable extras


All Classes are designed in a way that students learn in a playful way. Nobody needs to be afraid to "not be good enough".

The way of teaching and the music materials are inclusive and welcoming and the participants will learn to make music in such a way.

Why is this important?

These are some doubts that people have about joining a group:

  • "Will my child fit into the group and be welcomed by the others?"

  • "Are my skills good enough in comparison to the others?"

  • "The other participants are way ahead of me because they started earlier, right?"

  • "A group means that you always have to study. I hope my child can deal with the pressure."

  • "I would prefer individual lessons"

In our Groups we therefore keep the environment safe, playful, respectful and open. So you don't have to worry about any of these questions and can just enjoy learning. :-)

1st Session For Free

Your 1st Session

Get to know us without commitments.

How does it work?
  1. Contact us here on our website and let us know when you want to visit us for a group and which group you want to visit (you can just click on "Reserve your spot").

  2. We will confirm your appointment via email

  3. You send the trial lesson fee to us.

  4. You come to the group session and get to know us!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a trial lesson first?

Yes. Everybody who is interested in visiting the Classes is invited to visit us first. Just contact us here.

In which language will the lessons be held?

The main language is English. The teacher also speaks Spanish and of course we always try to communicate the best way possible to all of our children and parents. (We have participants from a lot of different countries.) If you have doubts about the language just contact us. 

Where are the lessons?

All Classes are in our music school at Carrer de Francesc Martí i Móra 53, Palma.

How do I pay?

Payments are to be made via bank transfer to the school's bank account.

When can I cancel my lesson plan contract?

Usually you can cancel roughly 2 weeks before the end of the term until latest these dates:
15.12. (end of 1st term) & 15.03. (end of 2nd term)

With the extra"monthly cancellation" you can cancel at the end 

Are the lessons all year?

Our lessons calendar pretty much follows the regular school calendar. For example on holidays and in summer and winter break there are no lessons. The full calendar you can see here.

When can I start?

You can start whenever you want! Our official enrolments always start at the beginning of each month (the 1st of the month). You are welcome to start in the middle of a month though and we just send you an invoice for the lessons taken.

You have more questions?
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