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Your Benefits

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30 Days Trial Period

Every new student has the chance to cancel their lessons with us during the first 30 days of their contract. This is valid for every new customer. If you for some reason don't want to continue your lessons after 30 days, please send us a message until 7 days before the end of your first month through our website or email. We will cancel your contract after the first 30 days.

International Teaching

This means several advantages for you:

- All of our teachers speak fluent English

- We combine teaching methods and knowledge from English, Spanish and German music teaching methods

- In general we offer lessons in Spanish, English, Catalan and German (some only available for certain instruments)

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Only for kids and teenagers

We offer our lessons exclusively for children and teenagers. Like this we can offer the best environment for them.

Our groups and lessons reach from babies (0 years) to teenagers (until 18 years). Your teacher will always be trained in giving lessons for exactly your age group.

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