Terms and Conditions

Terms & conditions

Last updated: January 19th, 2022

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We’ve prepared this document to help you better understand and to feel more confident about how our  terms and conditions are at Paupa music school. These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts for services (local or digital).












Our calendar goes from September until June. Enrollment is open during the whole year. You can check our calendar on our website.

Trial lesson

We offer a free trial lesson for children who have never booked any lesson with us. If the children are not able to carry out the trial lesson set for any reason, they are not entitled to another free trial lesson. Nothing is required for the lesson.


The absences will be dealt with dependending on the lesson plan chosen (BASIC or FLEXIBLE, more information below). 

If a student is unable to attend a lesson due to prolonged illness (4 consecutive missed lessons or more), we  offer a 50% money back of unused lessons. A doctor's certificate will be required in order to process such an application from the start of the illness and the cancelation of the first lesson.

Teacher unavailability

In cases where a teacher cannot attend, the lesson will be rescheduled in a term of 2 months. The date will be determined by PAUPA. If this has not happened within two months, the student can request reimbursement of the costs for the canceled lesson. 

1.1 BASIC PLAN (Individual/ Group)

Booking and services included

When concluding the contract, the customer books a place in the selected course plan. All services that are included in the respective package are listed on the website.

Lesson times

Classes take place on predetermined dates.

 Place of instruction

The location of the lesson is decided when doing the booking (either at the student’s place or at PAUPA’s).

Cancellation of lessons

If the student cannot attend an appointment through his or her own fault (whether due to illness or otherwise), he has no right to a catch-up appointment. 


To withdraw from the lessons, please contact us at musicpaupa@gmail.com. Withdrawals must be made in writing, by email.

Please note that 3 months notice is required to cancel the lessons with the BASIC plan. Whenever you cancel, you will need to pay 3 full months more. 


your payment: always 15th of each month

         Withdrawal: 2nd of January

          3 full payments months more required

         15th of january

         15th of february

         15th of march

         canceled 14th of april

In case the summer break is inside these three months you will only be asked to pay the 3 months minus either one or two months of the break (depending on your date of cancelation).

1.2 FLEXIBLE PLAN (Individual/ Group)

Booking and services included

When concluding the contract, the customer books a place in the selected course plan. All services that are included in the respective package are listed on the provider's product page.

Lesson times

Classes take place on predetermined dates. Students can change the lesson time up to 7 days in advance. The lesson will be rescheduled by PAUPA in a term of 1 month. In case the student is not available on any of the proposed dates for the make-up lesson, the lesson will be lost.

 Place of instruction

The location of the course is decided when doing the booking (either at the student’s place or at PAUPA’s). 

Cancellation of lessons

Students can cancel a lesson up to 7 days before the lesson. If the student cannot attend an appointment and does not cancel the lesson up to 7 days in advance, (whether due to illness or otherwise), he has no right to a catch-up appointment.


To withdraw from the lessons, please contact us at musicpaupa@gmail.com. Withdrawals must be made in writing, by email.

Please note that cancelation can be made at the end of each payment month, until one day before the next payment. Please note that this cancelation needs to be done by the student via our website. In case PAUPA is asked to cancel the lessons manually it takes up to 5 work days in advance to the next payment month.


The student always pays the 23rd of the month (in advance): Cancelation possible until the 22nd of the month.


The Open Music Groups follow the school calendar. The groups will be made up of students of similar age establishing a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 students per group. In the event that a group is offered but the minimum number of students is not reached, it will be canceled and the fees paid will be returned. The student's request to change the schedule will be subject to the availability of another group with a level similar to that of said student.

Trial session

We offer a free trial session for children who have never attended any session with us. If children are unable to carry out the reserved trial session for any reason, they will not be entitled to a free test session.

Cancellation of sessions

If the student cannot attend a session through his or her own fault (whether due to illness or otherwise), they have no right to a catch-up appointment. 


The termination of the Plan contract must be done in writing, through musicpaupa@gmail.com. Please note that a 3 month notice is required to cancel lessons with the BASIC Plan. Whenever you cancel, you will have to pay 3 more full months (having the right to attend the sessions).


The student may withdrawal at any time they wish with a minimum of 1 business day in advance of the established date of the payment charge. To do so, the student can it through the website. If you want to do it manually via email, 5 working days in advance are required. (Simply indicate that you want to cancel definitely  to musicpaupa@gmail.com)


It should be clearly understood that although the course fee is paid monthly, it is not calculated by the weekly lesson. The monthly tuition rate is the same each month even though some months will have 5 lessons and others 3.  Holiday closures have been calculated into the monthly tuition rate. Tuition is based on enrollment. Not attendance.


Tuitions are as listed with each course description. Tuitions include rehearsals and concerts twice a year. Concerts are typically scheduled at Christmas and Summer.

The payment can be made via www.paupa.org using the payment methods available on that site. Until the course fees are fully paid, your booking will not be confirmed.

Payment Methods and Billing

Full lesson payment is due after the trial lesson through our website.


For families with multiple siblings, we offer a discount of 5% of the tuition for the second sibling and a 5% discount of fees for subsequent sibling/s. Please contact us for this discount via email (not applicable to Group sessions).


The content (individual videos, printables etc) can be purchased individually through our website. The customer thus receives a right of use for the content acquired in each case. The exact conditions for individual purchases (e.g. length of the teaching material,  type of videos etc) can be found in the product descriptions on PAUPA's website. Website members will also be added automatically to the email list.



Within the instrument rentals available we have two options, the "Student rental" and the "rental for non-students". For both, it is mandatory to sign the Rental Agreement (You are entitled to an exact copy of the Agreement you sign.)  in which you agree to the following: 

Rental Payments

The customer agrees to make all rental payments in advance of each rental period. 


The customer is required to pay a deposit fee of 30 euros. It is a security deposit and it will be refunded when the instrument is returned without damage. 

Repairs and Maintenance:

All repairs must be done only by PAUPA. Customers will have sole responsibility to pay for the cost of repair if there is damage resulting from the negligence or the failure to properly care for the instrument. 

Loss of or damage to the instrument

The customer is liable for loss of or damage to the Instrument. Customers must pay the fair market value of the Instrument if it is lost or destroyed. If it is damaged, the customer must pay immediately for all repairs, not to exceed fair market value. 

Termination of rental

Customers may terminate this Agreement at the end of each payment month by returning the Instrument in good condition. We may terminate this Agreement if the customer fails to keep any of the  agreements above. Customers may notify us about the termination by email.


PAUPA  is the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights in our Website and/or Services. (unless mentioned differently).



Gift Card

The Gift Card is a digital gift card sent by email. Each Gift Card is valid for 12 months from its purchase. You will receive the Gift Card by email after the purchase that can be made on this website. The gift card cannot be exchanged for money in any case. It cannot be used in combination with other offers, coupons or gift cards. Purchasing and using this gift card excludes the possibility of a free trial lesson, since it is already calculated into the gift card's price. Only valid for services listed on our website for local music lessons (not valid for online materials). Appointments that were made for this gift card and that were not attended will be counted as attended, unless cancelled within 7 days in advance.

Right of withdrawal

Customers have the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days (from the purchase and as long as the classes have not started) without giving any reason. To exercise the right of withdrawal, customers must contact us before the expiry of the withdrawal period via email.

Data Protection

PAUPA is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, we are legally obliged to use your information in line with all laws concerning the protection of personal information, including the Data Protection Act 1998. For more details, see our Privacy Policy: https://www.paupa.org/privacy-policy


The school is regularly updated with the latest advice regarding best ways to provide the most hygienic environment for the students. We are following the latest updates. 

Hand sanitiser will be available for the lessons and students will be asked to use it when they enter, and when they leave.

Instruments / Equipment will be disinfected after each student.

Online learning will be available to students who are vulnerable or have a vulnerable family member and do not wish to attend on site.

No student attends if they are symptomatic or unwell.  This is for everyone’s protection, and an online alternative may be offered if applicable.

Students signing up for this term should be aware that in the event of an extended COVID-19 the lessons will switch to online. Students may not opt out of online classes during term time, and online classes will be treated the same as appointments on our premises. If you wish to be exempt for reasons of age / access / technical reason, please contact us as soon as possible. 

Policy changes

We reserve the right to update or modify this policy at any time. Your use of our services following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the policies as changed.

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, all other components shall nevertheless remain effective and the ineffective part shall be replaced by an effective, mutatis mutandis part.

SUMMER BREAK: From 01.07.22 - 31.08.22 local music lessons paused