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Local Music Lessons

Palma de Mallorca

Why are we giving lessons?



We want every child and every parent to be

confident at engaging in music.

Are you a mom or a dad that wants their child to do music with confidence and fun?


Lessons for children
- not for everybody

We are a music school specialised in teaching children and teenagers from 1 to 18 years-old. Thanks to our pedagogical method we contribute to the personal and educational development of children through a creative and motivating musical education. With us children can learn music how they want.


Regular Lessons

Individual lessons for one child or groups lessons with a private teacher.

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Here your child learns

  • A specific instrument

  • Introduction to music

  • With or without experience

  • Your wishes and the musical taste of your kid will influence the goals of the lessons

Available in

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Open Music Groups

Safe environments that give children and teenagers the space to explore, learn, engage and be themselves. In these groups that always welcome new members we invite you to share one thing with others - a love for music!

0-2 years

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Tuesday, 17:00pm


3-5 years

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Tuesday, 18:00pm


6-9 years

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Monday, 17:30pm


Available in

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Rental Instruments

You don't have an instrument for your child yet? You don't want to spend time checking the internet and different music shops? Or you just don't want to spend a lot of money at all because you are not sure if your kid continues with music lessons?

For just 7€ you get:

  • A good quality instrument
  • Specifically picked for beginners classes
  • All the equipment you need to start playing
  • Monthly cancellation possible


We make the language of music international

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Why international?

  • You want to raise your kids to be bilingual?

  • You don't speak Spanish but want good music education for your kids?

  • You speak Spanish but want your kids to learn music in an international environment?


The world became an international place, with mixed languages, cultures and different people. We at PAUPA want to combine the advantages of these cultures to offer your children a lively and fun cultural experience.


We want to cooperate with you to make your place into a

safe music learning environment.

You are a:


That wants extra good music education for their students?

Social/Culture Organisation

That wants to offer weekly group sessions, regular activities or create events with music?


That tries to create a safe musical environment for their kids?

or any other place that wants to offer music to children?


To have a big place with a lot of possibilities we cooperate with the

Anglican Church in Palma

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Location for all music lessons and Open Music Groups

Anglican Church

(Basement entrance front)

Carrer Núñez de Balboa, 6

07014 Palma
(Son Armadams)

Mail address here

NEW LESSONS START: Monday, September 5th