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New Activities

Every Week

Your kid likes music?

Explore our music activities for 4-7 year-olds and provide your child with high quality education.

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We think everybody is musical - we just need to redefine music and it's boundaries (we think it shouldn't have any).

Talk to other parents

Enjoy a playful community of likeminded parents and children who love music as much as you do. Visit our Playground forum and exchange your experiences with others.

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Get them involved now.

Browse our free material and get startet with your little one right away.

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...and enjoy learning with us every day.

Join us now for free and find just the right music material for everyday activities.

Make music fun for them...

Build your own instruments and print your own material.

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Come to the Playground (soon)

and go exploring with your kid!

Make music time family time and be involved in your child's music education.

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Because making music with children should be as normal as reading them a bedtime story.

NEW LESSONS START: Monday, September 5th