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What if parents expect too much?!

We all know the situation: In your eyes your student is making great progress and is really enjoying their lessons. The parents on the other hand are quite unhappy and tell you:”We expected more.”

This matter can be solved through good communication. As a teacher, you can now practice your empathy for all parties: the parents, the student and yourself.

Usually when a parent complains about this, they simply have different (sometimes unrealistic) expectations towards the learning progress. But that also comes through their lack of knowledge about the learning process.

Ask them about their expectations. Listen to them. Write their wishes down.

Then talk to them about if and how these expectations can be met. Maybe consult the child, if they want to go in this direction, too.

Show them what progress actually means and how many steps the student already took which they are not aware of.

If they are so concerned, include them in their child’s musical journey. Teach them how they can support their child best.

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