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These are the sheets that every guitar teacher needs!




- Guitar Chords: Major chords, minor chords and 7th chords 4

- Blank Chord Boxes 5



- Notes on the Fretboard

- Notes on the Staff & Fretboard: Frets 1-5 (only root notes)

- Blank Guitar Fretboard: Frets 1-5

- Blank Guitar Fretboard: Frets 1-12

- Blank Fretboard Boxes



 Treble Clef Staff: Horizontal

- Treble Clef Staff: Horizontal Bigger

- Treble Clef Staff: Vertical

- Blank Staff: Horizontal

- Blank Staff: Horizontal Bigger

- Blank Staff: Vertical



- TAB Staff: Horizontal

- TAB Staff: Horizontal Bigger

- TAB Staff: Vertical

Essential Guitar Teaching Sheets (Classic)

  • PDF

    19 pages (15 pages material)

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