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Open Up Music

New music groups for children and teenagers at the Anglican Church in Palma

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Open Up Music

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An ambitious new music project has started in Palma. Under the name “Open Music Groups” the PAUPA Music School collaborates with the Anglican Church of Mallorca (Carrer Núñez de Balboa, 6, Son Armadams) to create a welcoming space for making music. Every Thursday at 5:15pm they offer sessions for 4-6 year-olds called “Little Musicians”. Right after that the teenagers (11-16 years) take over under the name “WE ARE POP”.

“We call it the happy revolution of music education”, says PAUPA Co-founder Patrick Nagel. The main objective of the groups is clear: “The priority is that everybody is welcome and participants are welcoming to each other. It doesn’t matter if you had music lessons before, just come and play with us.”
Additionally, as open as these groups are designed, there is one rule: “If you only want us to focus on your child alone, this group is not for you. Here we teach children to play together and support each other. The fun of learning is of course a priority, but always in a group.

The weekly meetings take place since the beginning of October, picking up only slowly. So far there are only one to three children per group, although the organisers plan with up to ten children. “We are new to this city and don’t have many connections yet”, explains Paula Escudero del Río, Co-Founder of PAUPA. When asked for their overall plans she stays very positive: “We came here with a big vision and are just starting to look for like-minded people that support our idea. We will continue to welcome everybody who wants to engage with us.”
In August 2021 Paula and Patrick came from their music school in Germany to Palma, where they also offer private lessons. “We were more than happy that the Anglican Church contacted us right away when we announced on Facebook that we are looking for partners on the island, remembers Patrick Nagel.”

The Open Music Groups can be visited for free for the first session. More infos can be found on PAUPA’s website:

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open music groups Palma de Mallorca
Paula Escudero del Río outside of the Anglican Church Palma
Patrick Nagel during the Open Music Group "WE ARE POP"
Paula Escudero del Río during the Open Music Group "Little Musicians"

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