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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a trial lesson first?

Yes. We offer a free trial lesson for everybody. Just contact us here.

Can the lessons be at my home?

Yes. We offer plans for visiting your child at your home and giving the lesson there. Basically prices are the same, plus a fee for making our way to you. For more info check our home plans here.

What's the difference between "Basic" and "Flexi"?

The Basic plan resembles a very classical plan for your lessons. You have a set lesson time every week that is fixed. Also you have a regular cancelation period of 3 months. With a Flexi plan you can fully cancel your contract at the end of each payment month and also pause your plan one time per year. For the individual lessons additionally you can reschedule your lessons up to 7 days before your appointment. (In group lessons this option is not available out of logistical reasons.)

Can I have more than 30min per week?

Absolutely! You can always book two several classes of for example 30min guitar lessons and 30min music theory. Or you just book more time for your individual lesson. During the booking process you have the opportunity of booking 30, 45 or 60min. The prices are then simply multiplied (for example 60min = 2x 30min).

How do I pay?

Payment is done though your booking here on our website. You can pay with your regular debit or credit card.

When can I start?

You can start whenever you want! It doesn't matter if it's during a month or at the beginning of it. The payment will always be on the day of the month when you started your lessons (and the end day the same).

Where are the lessons?

Regular lessons (individual and group) and Open Groups are at the Anglican Church in Carrer Núñez de Balboa 6, Palma. It is also possible that one of our teachers visits you at your home.

Are the lessons all year?

Our lessons calendar pretty much follows the regular school calendar. For example on holidays and in summer and winter break there are no lessons. The full calendar you can see here.

When can I cancel my lesson plan contract?

In the Basic plans you can cancel your contract within a 3 months notice. That means that from the moment that you cancel your lessons, there will be three more payment terms following (in which you can of course also visit your lessons). With a Flexi plan you can cancel at the end of every payment month.

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