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Oferta para Grupos

Try one month

with up to -35% discount

-15% on first term for you

-25% if you come with 1 friend (for both)
-35% if you come with 2 friends (for all)



Only for the first 3 new students of each group

For promoting our new groups, we are looking for new students. For you it's an easy way to check out our lessons for one month without a big commitment.

Your benefits

- 30 days trial period

- 15% on lesson fees for 3rd term 23/24

- up to 35% for all of you if you bring 3 friends (25% if one friend)
- Enrolment fee only if you don't cancel after 30 day trial period

What's to be paid?

When signing up:

1st month with 15% discount (find all group prices below)

After 30 day trial period:

Enrolment fee of 30€ and rest of term with 15% discount

(Some groups have a 10€ materials fee.)

What do I have to do?

1. Pick a group.

2. Fill in the application sheet by clicking on "Save your spot now".

3. Wait for us to conform your application.

Groups and prices

Including the 15% discount:


Normal groups:
Arts FUN 5-7 (90min/week) - 49,30€/month
Spanish FUN 3-5 - 40,80€/month
Spanish FUN 5-7 - 40,80€/month
English FUN 3-5 - 40,80€/month
English FUN 5-7 - 40,80€/month

Focus groups:
Guitar I (Thursday group) - 57,80€/month
Guitar II - 57,80€/month
Ukelele II - 57,80€/month
Guitar Adults - 57,80€/month
Spanish 7-12 - 57,80€/month
Spanish Adults A1-A2 - 57,80€/month
English 7-12 - 57,80€/month
English Adults A1-A2 - 57,80€/month

Enrolment fee:
To be paid after trial period.

Please note that these are the prices including the 15% discount for the 3rd term 2024. After trial period lesson fees have to be paid for the full term.

All conditions

Offer valid between 30.05.-14.04.2024. Only for new students. For the first 3 students of each group. Only for groups listed here. The school has to accept students first and keeps its right to reject students. Offer can't be combined with other discounts. Students are only being accepted after the first month has been paid.

After the third term of 2024 the regular prices will have to be paid.

By starting lessons with this offer you give permission to take photos/videos that will be published for advertising.

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