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For creative music teachers

The Classic Set

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Free Download

Rhythm Challenge Cards

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For creative music teachers


OCTA MUSIC is a method for teaching music theory & essentials.


The "Classic Set" is a free PDF ebook that includes over 120 pages of printable materials.

306 different chip designs:

- note and rest values

- treble clef notes

- bass clef notes

- music symbols

- beat units

A new
Tool to be creative

Simple and versatile.

So you can create the music lessons how you like them, not how we like them. You know best what your student needs, so you should have all the freedom of using the materials how you want.

Free Download:


A new
Teaching method

You are amazing. We know.


Week for week you create music lessons that amaze. With OCTA MUSIC we want to give you a new tool to design the lessons you love. With space for creativity, exploration and play.

Free Download:

A new
Way to talk about your lessons


Because music connects

The OCTA MUSIC Classics Set is completely free. Share it with parents, colleagues, your director, your students...

You will have great ideas on how to use the OCTA materials. The more you tell other people about your ideas with the OCTA Set, the more effective it will be in your lessons.

Free Download:

A design for
Teachers & Children


Clear Colors

Clearly distinguishable colours for easy communication.

No country-specific terminology

Materials can be used for many languages. They don't use certain country-specific terms.

Easy-to-read font

We chose a font that is plain and simple. So in case you share it with your child students, they can easily read it, too!

Less text = better

None of the materials really require reading, especially not for the children. So that the level of reading skill won't get in the way of your music lessons.

Free Download:

Get inspired

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A group just for OCTA MUSIC materials and ideas.

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