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Family Choir

Sing - Chat - Connect

with other parents in Palma

We offer you a regular meeting possibility for parents and kids in Mallorca. It's about exchanging experiences, singing and simply having fun with music and with like-minded people.

If you like the idea, please join us!

This is what you can look forward to:

- Sessions every Friday, 6:00-7:00pm

- We will always sing 2-4 popular english songs (modern and classics)

- No experience required :-) (it's all about the fun!)

- Chairs and tables for the possibility of talking to each other before and after the singing

- We always have some snacks and drinks for sharing



First visit:

We put up a little box for everybody who visits us for the first time. You can put in however much you want. For the first times we decided to give this money to the Anglican Church to support the people in Ukraine. They regularly collect money for the people there and it will go to the Ukraine for medicines and transport costs.

Following visits:

This Family Choir is part of our "Open Music Groups" with the difference that for this Family Choir you only need to sign up 1x for your whole household (so if it's for example a mother with her two children, you only need to sign up once).

- pay per session: 14€ (in cash)

- sign up: from 35€ (on website)


You know more parents?

Please share this with everybody you think would be interested!

How to join

This is how you can book your Open Group

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